Traveling With Pets

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 Requirements to enter Mexico 

Origin Mexico, USA or Canada and origin USA or Canada


If you visit Mexico, upon your arrival your pet will be subject to a physical inspection to verify that there are no health risks. It is not necessary to present a Certificate of Good Health and vaccination record*


*It is the same procedure, if you enter through the border strip or on a cruise ship and you only stay for the time the boat travels.

Note:  If you do not have a Certificate of Good Health or vaccination card, you must request the services of a private Veterinary Doctor of your choice in Mexico, who must apply the corresponding treatments and issue the Certificate of Good Health.


The official personnel or Authorized Third Party Specialist (TEA) can, after assessment, certify the good state of health

Considerations During Physical Inspection

  • If ectoparasites are detected, you must contact a veterinarian of your choice, the expenses generated will be borne by you, so that they can apply a treatment.
  • If a tick is detected, the staff will send a sample to an official laboratory.
  • The Agricultural Health Inspection Offices (OISA) will protect your pet until the laboratory results are obtained to rule out that they are exotic specimens for Mexico or under the Campaign.
  • When it represents a risk, Senasica will determine the measures that must be applied. The expenses that are generated will be borne by you.

  General information

  • The carrier or container in which your pet will enter must be clean and at the time of its review it will receive a preventive treatment by spraying by official personnel. 
  • The entry of bedding, implements, accessories, toys, sweets or prizes made with ingredients of ruminant origin is not allowed. If they appear they will withdraw and destroy.
  • Your pet can enter with its collar and leash
  • If you want to bring food accompanied by your pet,  check the specifications  here
  • If your pet is undergoing medical treatment, check the specifications  here 
  • If you send your pet documented as cargo, verify the requirements with the airline and consider the services of a Foreign Trade Agent for the release before the customs authority.
National Service of Health, Safety and Food Quality | March 30, 2023

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