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is a perfect solution for clients who want to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly and in the proper direction. By utilizing our network of agents, we are able to offer an unrivaled level of specialized service.

Make it easy, make it simple.

Everything is better handled locally

"Local Excellence: Explore how Canon Air provides expert local handling and support services for a seamless aviation experience.
"Elevate Your Aviation Experience in Mexico with Canon Air."

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handling concierge

Handling concierge

Everything is better handled locally, in the hands of the experts for Hassle free flight!

Landing permits

To avoid any inconvenience, is necessaire to know before you go!

Mexican E-apis

Mexican Eapis is as simple as sending your passport information.

Mexican Insurnace

Last-minute Mexican insurance? do not worry we will obtain one for you.

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Mex and USA E-Apis
Ground Transportation
Hotel Accomodations

Your questions answered

Common questions

Canon air covers almost all the Mexican territory with local agents and all the knowledge to take care of your operations.


See below interactive map


Interactive Map “

Full schedule, aircraft type, tail number, operator information, and full crew/passenger information, including pilot license numbers.


Please specify landing or other permit needs and all services required, such as transportation, hotel accommodation, catering, Epis filing, etc.


This allows us to run a smooth arrival, all service and permit requirements, and complete necessary forms in advance so that crew/passengers will just need to sign the paperwork on landing.

Private non-profit operations receive permits upon arrival and have more freedom when relocating foreign and domestic staff members inside Mexico. For both private non-revenue and charter operations, ground handling and Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) processes are the same in Mexico.


Operators of charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights must get landing permits for Mexico in advance and must adhere to severe cabotage regulations. Unless the additional stop is for technical reasons (no passengers or crew embark or depart)charter operators are only permitted to make one stop in Mexico.


All flights coming from South America and the Caribbean must land and pass through Mexican security at Cozumel (MMCZ) or Tapachula (MMTP).

Mexico City (MMMX) is not available for GA operations.

The only exceptions are diplomatic flights or aircraft arriving for maintenance purposes only.


The nearest and most convenient airport location is MMTO 01:25 hrs to Mexico City downtown.


A second option is Santa Lucia AIFA (MMSM) that is 01:00 to Mexico City.

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