Mexican Landing Permits

Private Permits, charter, ambulances, and charter, are some of the permits issued by the Mexican government to operate in the country.


Landing Permits

Obtaining a single landing permit can be one of the most important parts of your flight, and obtaining the permit takes time, so submitting the documentation fastest you can to our team will be better to ensure one.

One Time landing permit for Private Operators

A single landing permit let private operators make several flights into Mexican territory valid for six months, once the plane leaves the country the permit gets invalid.

Multiple entry for Private Operators

A multiple-entry permit allows a full private operator to make several trips in and out of the Mexican territory, during a calendar year, do it expires on December 31st of the year.

**Note that the permits get invalid if the crew change** and should be obtained a new permit.

Single landing permits for charter, ambulance, fletamento

Landing permits for this particular operation should be requested at least 48h prior to the operation.

In case of a fletamento flight, should be requested at least 7 working days prior to the operation.

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